Welcome To The World Of Resin Art By Anika Khurana!

The Brand

Asili By Anika started in 2020 as a small experiment.

"As a former acrylic artist and textile artist. I wanted to challenge myself to create art on something unexpected. When I saw these beautiful glasses they just inspired me to try something new!"
- Anika

Asili means "nature" in Kiswahili. A language of East Africa, "you know where Hakuna Matata comes from."

The artist and founder grew up, on the beautiful island of Mombasa. So many of her works are inspired by nature, such as her sea theme pieces or the vibrancy of her glassware.

Even the logo was hand drawn by Anika herself, notice the quirky twist of the wine glass in the cheetahs tail!

The Why

What is our brands purpose? 

"When I first used my glassware it gave me a feeling of joy, I felt happy! Art holds emotion and when in vibrant joyful colours and full of interest and texture it make you get lost in it. So I thought, if I feel this way maybe others will too"

Asili by Anika offers a gifting solution, in handcrafted, yet luxurious gifts, that will be appreciated, utilised and cherished. By creating curated, personalised glassware and homeware gift sets. All wrapped in a beautiful box, for a gift that makes an impact! We aim that each time you use the product it will spark a sense of joy.

About Me

Hi, I'm Anika, the heart behind "Asili by Anika." I was born and brought up in Kenya, in East africa on a beautiful island called Mombasa. Ever since I was young, I was seriously in to fine art and acrylic painting. However ended up in the field of textiles export, it was mundane and was not allowing my creative juices to flow. My heart called out to get creative once again and live my true passion and worth. On a whim I narrowed in on a challenge, to create an interesting surface on glassware. Finally settling on resin as my medium. I taught myself, experimented and finally came up with my concept of "Swirl glasses!" I then kept pushing myself to learn new techniques such as sea waves, which you can view in my " sea theme collection"

My mission is to spread joy through unique, handcrafted, yet luxurious pieces. Helping others to feel a sense of love, and appreciation when they receive, or gift themselves, a product of ours.

My aim is to keep pushing myself to discover new media and ideas to share with you.